Breakthru carries out detached and outreach work with young people in Dungannon, and Armagh.

The detached and outreach method of working is becoming increasingly recognised as an effective way of targeting young people who exist outside of regular youth provision services. It not only provides an opportunity to work with young people not engaging in services but also those in more isolated and rural areas where services can be scarce.

Through our detached work we engage with young people on the street, listen to them, build relationships with them and attempt to come to an understanding of their behaviours and their needs. Often they feel frustrated as their needs and views are not considered or they are treated in a very authoritarian manner.

We seek in the long term to involve young people in diversionary activities and in other youth services. The purpose of outreach is to provide opportunities for personal and social development for young people and to create or reinforce positive lifestyles. There is also the opportunity to challenge behaviour and attitudes so that young people are more open minded and aware of the impact that what they say and do can have. The role of diversionary activities can be key in providing something to do and distracting from street drinking and ASB.

Breakthru are seeking funding to re-open the highly successful Outreach and Drop-In Centre in Dungannon which was previously open from March 2013 until November 2014. When the Centre closed in November 2014 the foot fall was 224 per month. The Outreach centre played a role in reducing anti-social behaviour and provided young people with a safe alternative to risky behaviour as well as creating opportunities for incidental learning and positive attitudes.

Our vision for the Centre is that it will provide an alternative for young people in Dungannon who are currently participating in antisocial behaviour, street drinking, substance misuse and petty crime. These young people are currently using the parks and open spaces in Dungannon. The Centre will open during the day as an adult drop-in for information, advice and signposting to relevant services. It will continue to function as a drop-in after school, in the evenings and at weekends. The Centre will further benefit young people by providing learning opportunities through accredited and non-accredited programmes and by providing a range of information on; Alcohol, Drugs, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Domestic Violence, Personal and Public Safety, Training Opportunities, Local youth Provision, Local Facilities and Services.

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